A Dojo is the Place of the Way, a special space apart from daily life with rituals that enhance respect and harmony to create a proper training atmosphere. 

To maintain a calm and respectful environment the general rules for all students and visitors:

Visitors, including children not attending class, are to remain on the side seating area

Cell phones silent (on vibrate) and calls taken outside

No food is to be brought onto the mat or the visitor's area to be eaten in the dojo

Off-the-mat conversations are kept at a low voice

Ranking (students testing for advancement) is a very special time, so all visitors are asked to focus their attention on the mat rather than conversing, reading, texting, or other distractions.

As student volunteers keep the dojo clean, we respectfully ask that visitors dispose of smaller items in our garbage or recycling container, bag out any large amounts of garbage with them, and refrain from changing diapers in the dojo.

On The Mat:

Have clean hands, feet, and gi before bowing in, fingernails short and clean. Remove loose or large jewelry for safety.

Always bow in and out of the mat.

If arriving late, sit in seiza at the entrance to the mat until Sensei bows to you. Walk behind the other students to find a place.

Do a standing bow to your training partner before starting practice, and bow again afterwards.

If you need to adjust your gi or belt, bow to your partner, go to the rear of the mat and face away; bow back in to your partner to resume training.

If you are sneezing or coughing, bow out in order to use the bathroom to wash your hands.

When Sensei is demonstrating, sit and watch quietly.

If Sensei comes over to work with you or make a correction during training, do a standing bow and say thank you afterwards.

Be patient with other students – people have different abilities and we can learn from everybody we train with.